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We are a human company.

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Our Data Vision

At the crossroads of technology and humanity

By providing evidence-based data to assess basic human needs, we can equip people and institutions with the tools to provide superior care.

We have pioneered the first smart wearable device designed to assess and manage incontinence—capable of restoring dignity and quality of life to elderly people, easing the workload that assessment and care plan development puts on caregivers, and reducing the high costs that incontinence management places on resident facilities.

But this is just the beginning...

Imagine what future generations of this device could look like...

Not just a smart device that can manage incontinence, but a device embedded with even smarter technology that has the capability of fecal detection, alerts care givers of a fall, or other needs.

Imagine a device that can be used as an early warning system capable of detecting urinary tract infections or symptoms of dehydration.

Imagine what these applications will mean to the lives of seniors.

Imagine what these applications will mean to the fiscal health of long-term care facilities.

Imagine what these applications will mean to the future of human care.

Incontinence By The Numbers

240 Million

People in the Western world are incontinent.

7.2 Million

Long-term beds globally.

15+ Million

Manual incontinence assessments each year globally.

$6 Billion (USD)

Spent on assessment labor costs each year—in nursing homes alone.

$9 Billion (USD)

Spent on incontinence products each year—predicted to reach $30 billion by year 2030.

5.4 Million

Manual incontinence assessments each year—in the U.S. alone.

$20 Billion (USD)

Burden of urinary incontinence on U.S. labor costs.

Wearable Technology

Taking smart wearable technology beyond the wrist

Our Smart Incontinence Management (SIM) technology is the first wearable platform that aids in the management of incontinence.

This user-friendly, data-driven system empowers care facilities and their staff to easily and accurately assess and manage the incontinence needs of their residents.

This advanced digital platform not only provides residents with a better quality of life, but it also greatly reduces the associated risks and operational costs of incontinence management.

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SIM™ pod

Wifi Network

SIM™ assist

SIM™ Manager

Health, Safety & Dignity

When you take away the guesswork, health, safety and dignity are restored

Our advanced SIM system not only provides residents with a better quality of life, but it also greatly reduces the associated risks and operational costs of caring for them.

Unlike the traditional assessment methods that are time consuming, costly, inefficient, and can leave caregivers and seniors at high risk for complications, a care plan generated by the SIM™ system can improve health and reduce risk of falls, UTIs, and skin infections.

When you can provide a thorough assessment outlining an appropriate toileting routine that determines which continence and care products will be necessary to best meet a resident's needs, you can provide them with a better quality of life and restore their dignity.

Risk & Cost

Quality of Life

Three Pillars

Risk. Outcomes. Efficacy.

What's good for the resident is also good for the facility

Beyond the benefits to the resident, accurate assessments and care plans—free of subjectivity and guesswork—can also improve the health of the care facility.

Risk Management:

By mitigating risks associated with incontinence, facility operations become more efficient.

Operational Efficiencies:

With efficiency comes reduced costs, increased revenue, and enhanced marketability.

Improving Resident Outcomes:

Better incontinence management can significantly improve clinical outcomes, dignity, and well-being for the aged.

  • Preventing Falls
  • Improving Facility Ratings
  • Optimizing Staff
  • Preventing Adverse Event Costs
  • MDS 3.0 Regulatory Compliance
  • Cost Reductions
  • 25% reduction in use of incontinence products
  • 35% reduction in labor utilization
  • Revenue Increases
  • Improved marketing to potential patients
  • Promote resident-specific care plans
  • Promote resident dignity
  • Promote resident satisfaction
  • Potential restoration of continence

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