At Simavita, we view data as the core of what we do and how we do it. We invite you to review the following clinical research and a selection of customer testimonials as clear evidence of the effectiveness of our products and approach.

SIM™ has taken the guesswork out of incontinence management and has helped improve our funding. This has resulted in a more attractive and effective workplace and improved our delivery of care.

- Nigel Faull | CEO, Star Gardens

Our dedicated staff was eager to engage with SIM™, and this has enabled a smooth transition. With onsite training and support provided by Simavita always on hand, our staff was quickly up-skilled with the benefits being realized almost immediately.

- Annmarie Baigent | Care Manager, Star Gardens

The caregivers absolutely love its ability to deliver good, evidence based information and we have seen real improvements in resident care, with especially successful and productive toileting outcomes. 

- Karen Carey | Queensland State Manager, Arcare

The well-being of our residents has improved in many areas of care since introducing SIM™. Correct pad allocation (in most cases reducing cost) and reduced anxiety for residents around continence management can both be attributed to the introduction of SIM™ over the past 12 months.

- Fiona Kelman | Twilight Aged Care

SIM™ has revolutionised the 72-hour (3-day) assessment process. Having an automated remote monitoring technology is the only way. The cost benefits and clinical outcomes during and after the 72-hour (3-day) assessment are truly an advancement in caring for aging people. The staff now has much more time to tend to their residents, and as a result, risks are dramatically lowered.

- Jo Laker | Manager, Samarinda Lodge

SIM™ is less time consuming compared to the old manual continence assessment practice. The system provides supporting documentation to assist in generating extra funding or ACFI uplift, especially for residents who are difficult to diagnose as being incontinent or in denial of being incontinent. We have never looked back.

- Dianne Licastro | ACFI Coordinator, Arcare Greenhill

As an IT group with significant Aged Care experience we were truly impressed with the capabilities of SIM™. What a great convergence of hardware, software, and ingenuity to solve a very real problem within the Aged Care industry. The technical staff at Simavita was very professional and a pleasure to work with during the installation process. You feel a great sense of accomplishment when you’re involved in a technology rollout that not only works, but works well.

- Zev Tilson | Physician, iQtec

SIM™ has made a huge difference both in improving the well-being and dignity of residents and greatly improving staff efficiency. The technology allows staff to better understand each resident's specific requirements (i.e. continence aids) and respond accordingly. SIM™ not only allows provision of better care for residents, but also saves time and money as well. The SIM™ team is very professional and helpful and is always on hand to assist in any way.

- Ana Hicks | Care Supervisor, Twilight Aged Care

The SIM™ technology and the SIM™ team are nothing short of amazing. At a time when there is so much attention on electronic health records and savvy software to help the back end of business, Simavita has come up trumps with a clinical technology that directly benefits our residents and positively impacts on clinical interventions and outcomes.

- Viv Allanson | CEO, Maroba