Simavita aims to provide unique value to our customers through the delivery of solutions that improve well-being of older people and care delivery through clinically based and economically valuable innovation. - Philippa Lewis, CEO

Our Smart Incontinence Management (SIM™) system is the first product in the world to displace a clunky, ineffective, manual assessment process for incontinence management with a digitized system.

SIM™ delivers a daily improvement in the quality of life for our customers (residents of aged care facilities), as well as a more effective, less costly, less labor-intensive process for aged care facility operators.

The initial application for SIM™ is incontinence management within the booming aged care sector, and with an estimated 240 million incontinence sufferers in the Western world, it is a market with enormous potential.

Simavita is currently distributing SIM™ and generating revenue across Australia, the United States, and Europe, and with a platform that can be expanded to include a range of applications (such as falls monitoring, GPS tracking, sleep monitoring, and more), the company really is just at the start of its commercialization journey.


Reasons to Take a
Closer Look

We are reimagining the way a very simple problem is managed, using cutting-edge technology with big data and new techniques. It's an exciting place to be.

We have a dynamic, experienced board and management team.

We are a global business, and our sales footprint is expanding rapidly.

Digital healthcare is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Combine that with the world's burgeoning aging population, and SIM™ is positioned to take advantage of two mega-trends.

Changing people's lives—for the better!

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