SIM assist app

Clear, Direct Observation & Data Collection

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The SIM™ assist app is a software application designed for Apple® iOS or Android™ platforms, which includes mobile and handheld devices.

No more hastily made handwritten notes. Take clear, unambiguous observations and integrate them directly into the complete assessment record using the latest mobile technology.

Clear, precise, simple data collection.

The SIM assist App In Action

In most current practices, caregivers make manual checks of diapers and write notes about activities. This is time consuming and can be inexact.

With a resident wearing a SIM™ sensor and SIM™ pod, a caregiver can use a convenient handheld device, select the resident by name and photo, and simply touch the displayed icons to record detailed data, including food and fluid intake, successful toileting (or unsuccessful attempts), behaviors, sleep schedules, and more.

All of the data is wirelessly collected and becomes an important part of the final care plan. It is fast, easy, and fully automated.

Nothing needs to be transcribed or re-entered into another system. Everything is seamlessly collected.