SIM pod

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SIM™ pod is a next-generation wearable medical device that allows healthcare professionals to collect detailed assessment data without relying on subjective observation and note taking.

The SIM™ pod is compact, lightweight, and wearable. It snaps easily into place, connecting to the SIM™ sensor that is embedded in a disposable adult incontinence pad.

The SIM™ pod is wireless and requires no direct observation or interaction from the caregiver.

It connects through the facility’s existing secure WiFi network to collect precise data, augmented by observations made by personnel using the SIM™ assist app.

When needed, the SIM™ pod can be placed in the SIM™ dock for recharging.

The SIM™ pod is easy to remove from a soiled pad and quickly snaps into a fresh, sensor-equipped pad.

The SIM pod

The full benefit of our approach can be seen during a 72-hour assessment.

A traditional manual assessment includes placing the resident in an adult diaper and conducting multiple physical checks by a caregiver. This typically requires hourly manual checks of the diaper. This is a time-consuming, physically taxing, and expensive process.

During a SIM™ assessment, the individual is placed in a disposable pad equipped with a SIM™ sensor. The SIM™ pod is snapped into place. From that point forward, the system directly monitors and records all events.

The Difference

Facilities using the Simavita system require substantially less staff time during the 72-hour assessment, while collecting detailed data on the resident’s condition. In addition, caregivers are notified immediately and can change the resident’s pad, keeping the resident cleaner and more comfortable.